About Us

Background and Development

Media : Culture : Pedagogy (M:C:P) is an international, peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia. Its title reflects a broad scope of interest: "media in all forms, culture as multiple patterns of human knowledge, pedagogy as it exists across a variety of disciplines and at all levels, within and beyond formal institutions of learning, and, finally, the confluence of these concerns" (Dobson and Boyce, 2011).

M:C:P was born out of a project first initiated by John Willinsky in 1990, which eventually evolved into Educational Insights. Under the direction of Lynn Fels, Academic Editor from 2002 to 2010, Educational Insights provided a forum for scholars to explore the relationship between the Arts and Educational theory and practice. With Lynn Fels' departure from UBC to take on a faculty position elsewhere, the journal took on a new direction aligned with the strengths and research interests of faculty able to assume its editorship; as of 2011, therefore, Educational Insights became known as Media : Culture : Pedagogy (M:C:P). Teresa M. Dobson was assigned as interim editor to oversee the transition. In keeping with trends and developments in online journal publishing, we have moved from an hmtl-based website to a CMS-based site.


Guidelines for Submitting

Generally, we support submissions using an original approach, avoiding excessive commentary on any canon, and encourage efforts to express the matter within the structure of the medium itself (new media, web-based, text-based, etc.). We expect rigorously critical investigation within the parameters of any play.

Contributions may range between 1500 and 5000 words. Please do not use special print-based formatting in your document. Do not use tabs, indents, bullets on your lists, html tags, or multiple spaces. Web sources should be checked and confirmed for current availability status. Font should be Times New Roman, 12pt, single spaced. Margins should be 1 inch square. Use Endnotes (not footnotes). Format for citations, references, and endnotes should conform to APA style. http://www.apastyle.org/ Use Rich Text Format (.rtf) for submitting.

Contributions will be initially viewed by the Academic and Managing Editor and then forwarded to our editorial team for peer review. Contributors whose work has been recommended for acceptance will then correspond with an assigned editor should revisions be required.

Images should be submitted separately in digital form. Do not send originals. Likewise with audio and video files.

Acceptable formats: Image: jpg png tiff gif; audio: aiff aac mp3; video: mp4 mov avi

Copyright must be respected.

Copyright of submitted work published is owned by Media : Culture : Pedagogy, unless otherwise stated. Any author may republish their work elsewhere upon request and providing the work is cited as originally appearing here, including the volume and issue number.

Editorial calls will determine the specific area of interest for article submission. In the event of all calls being closed, any unsolicited article will be held for consideration within the context of future themes.


Current Calls

There are no calls for content at this time.